Individual Habilitation

Bridges of Indiana serves each person as an individual and our supports are tailored to that person’s own unique needs.  We respect someone’s life goals and what is important to and important for them. Bridges of Indiana strives to make everyone’s life rich and meaningful and our supports are built around achieving the quality outcomes desired in a person’s plan of care.  We believe everyone has a purpose and we help people accomplish their goals by working intensively, sometimes 1 on 1, to help them reach a higher level of independence and functioning.

An Individual Habilitation Plan is written outline to guide intervention and action toward a person’s goals.  The plan can include such outcomes as achievements in residential or recreational goals, educational or vocational goals and family or relationship goals.  Bridges believes an effective Individual Habilitation Plan is person centered and promotes and empowers the person supported to reach their desired outcomes in their independence and well-being.

cheerful young infantile cerebral palsy patient caused by complications at birth sitting in a multifunctional wheelchair stroking a pygmy rabbit as therapy with a beaming smile